It's All About My Story


Born in 1961 in Oxford, England, Dean G Matthews, as a young man, was inexorably drawn to story writing. His interest in fantasy began as he sat enthralled while his teacher read "The Hobbit" to the class over a succession of days. Ever since that day the world of fantasy and the imaginary would be a constant throughout his life. As a consequence he read copious amounts of fantasy i.e. The Shannara series by Terry Brooks, Stephen Donaldson's - White Gold Wielder and David Eddings'- The Belgerad. Gaining knowledge from his writing heroes, Dean's writing claimed several prizes while at school, however, his daydreaming in class, the consequence of an overactive imagination, often resulted in reprimands. 


He wrote various fantasy and science fiction short stories and good books over the years but it wasn't until recently that Dean decided to write and publish one of his own novels. Dean's other interests include, history, geography, geology, self sufficiency and the environment.

Dean G E Matthews