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The Dark Taal


Aymara, a land reeling from centuries of war, now experiences an uneasy peace. In order to bring balance to this war-torn world, the gods create the Chimera and the Firebrand stones, one is good the other evil; these came to be known as the Foundation Stones.

Realizing that these talismans are in fact the catalyst for centuries of war, the gods of light task a young champion, Aridain Bruin to destroy them. 

But the dark God Fornax, grown strong from centuries of war is not easily fooled, and despatches a sinister champion, the Dark Taal, to find and preserve these stones and once more bring darkness and chaos to the realm of Aymara.

Meanwhile in the shadows, a dark wizard called Kuelack, having schemed for years, plans to find the Foundation Stones and tied to their power rule over all of Aymara.

The Shadow and the Shards



With the creature vanished, tensions rise at the school after it's revealed that head wizard Almagest's death may not have been an accident. Meanwhile having discovered clues to the whereabouts of the feared Firebrand shards, Kuelack sets out to find them together with the disinherited Dragonlord Ramus, whilst Kuelack's sadistic and power-hungry wife Gradine embarks on a campaign to kill and imprison the Bruins and their friends.


But with each piece they unearth, Kuelack and especially Ramus begin to comprehend why the shards were so feared. Intent on spoiling Kuelack's plans Ramus seeks the Balefires, a powerful sect of witches that the shards have no influence over, but his plans go awry.

It's at this time that the young Aridain Bruin stumbles across what he thinks are four pretty green stones hidden beneath the roots of a tree. However like a moth to a flame the Dark Taal, stalking the surrounding countryside once more, is drawn inexorably to Aridain and the struggle for control of the Firebrand shards ensues....

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