• Dean G E Matthews

Best Mystery Books For Young Adults!!!

Dean Matthews opens up a breath-taking world where good and evil vie for world domination. But this time the darkness is spreading, and in despair, the gods could only send a young man to bring back the reign of peace and harmony.

In the desolate world of Aymara where darkness and corruption have prevailed, a hero is born amidst the fevered mass of conflicts and malice. The light has been forgotten, dimming and closing in upon itself, rendering the world vulnerable to the evil elements. Dashing and abounding in power, young Aridain Bruin plunges into the search for the fabled Foundation stones which hold the opposing forces of darkness and light. Destined since birth to rid Aymara of the legendary Chimera and Firebrand stones, Aridain discovers his calling as he carries on in his journey.

But what if the truth isn’t what it seems? Such destiny did not begin with him. Many had been chosen, and many had failed. He may not have been the first choice, but will he be the first one to fulfill it?

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